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  • Teaching & Equipping

    Teaching & Equipping

Healing River Ministries offers leadership training in Inner Healing and Deliverance to ministry teams through teaching and hands on practical ministry.

Courses Offered

  • What is Inner Healing?

  • Who needs Inner Healing?

  • How to Minister Inner Healing?

  • Healing Our Image of God

  • Memories-Present issues are rooted in memories.

  • Trauma and Implicit Memory

  • Power and Authority

  • Deliverance

  • Generational Healing

  • Conception to Birth

  • Identity and a Damaged Self Image

  • Dissociation Disorders and Alters

  • Prayer Ministry Essentials



These classes were right on time! God used them to reveal areas He wants to heal in me. The teachings were excellent and provided many tools that I will use often.


I was delivered from trauma that occurred to me in my mother’s womb, during the Conception to Birth, practical ministry time.


I have enjoyed these courses. They have given me more understanding of things that need to be dealt with in my bloodline.